Dr. Lashes Training Academy

Our Mission

Dr. Lashes Training Academy provides an in-depth educational experience in eyelashes and make-up—specializing in eyebrow custom design. This includes Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian (Volume) Lashes, and Lash Lifts. We also provide training in eyebrow design, make-up and facial waxing.

Our system and techniques are unique, which enable us to provide unrivaled consistent quality of service across our entire team. Customers feel at ease knowing their lash procedure will be consistent with every artist—providing them a piece of mind.

Why train with Dr. Lashes?

Quality education

 Our training academy staff is always growing—always learning. In doing so, our curriculum will guide you through fundamentals that are often overlooked by other companies. In addition, we provide on-going mentorship to all of our graduates. Once you train at Dr. Lashes Academy, you are part of the family. You are invited to lash socials, professional development opportunities, discounts and more!

Two-Day Training

 Over 16 hours of eyelash training and coaching with a live-model. Our training is in depth and you will receive personal attention from two licensed cosmetologist and estheticians who are certified to do eyelash extensions. We spend more time with hands-on practice to ensure you are prepared for your first clients.

High-Quality Kits

 We are not sales people. We choose to focus on education and mentorship; not product sales. While many other companies sell kits, products, and t-shirts, (and there is nothing wrong with that) we focus on our mission, educating you. The products used in your kits are the same high-quality materials we use on our clients every day.

Classic Lash Certification 

Learn how to master eyelash extensions with our comprehensive training.  This program is designed to provide fundamental lash knowledge with hands-on practice. Our lash trainers provide feedback that allow you to make your corrections in real time. With our small class size, Dr. Lash trainers can focus on each student individually, assisting in hand movement, lash placement and much more! In addition, on day two, you get to practice on a real model.

Volume Lash Certification 

This Volume Certification course is a two-day hands-on training.  We will review and discuss proper lash application with volume tweezers and how to create fans up to 8D. We will also review lash theory and customer service. Learn everything from how much to charge, to advanced shaping and styling guides down to the science of lash diameters and weight, and mixing curls. Enrollment in this custom lash creation course includes our kit, certificate, manual and a networking lunch.

Classic Lash Certification (Spanish)

Aprenda a dominar extensiones de pestañas con nuestra formación integral. Este programa está diseñado para proporcionar los conocimientos fundamentales de lash con la práctica. Nuestros instructores lash proporcionan retroalimentación que le permiten hacer sus correcciones en tiempo real. Con nuestro pequeño tamaño de la clase, el Dr. Lash formadores pueden centrarse en cada alumno individualmente, ayudando en el movimiento de la mano, amarrar la colocación y mucho más! Además, en el segundo día, puedes practicar con un modelo real.

Lash Refresher Course

Are you an eyelash extension technician looking to improve your skills? Rebuild your confidence & continue your education! Dr. Lashes Training Academy Classic Eyelash Extension Refresher Course allows you to participate in our 2-day Classic Lash Course.

Threading Training

Eyebrow threading is a tried-and-true method of shaping that has been around for centuries and is especially popular in Eastern countries.  Our certified trainers will teach you about brow threading, shaping and filling. This is the perfect class to take if you want to learn about eyebrow customization.


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