Vegan Lash Cleanser with Wand

Lash Cleanser is vital to the health and retention of lash extensions. Our specially formulated,

thick foaming shampoo removes makeup, oil, and residue that causes build-up. Our cleanser is efficient at leaving lashes clean yet maintaining your client's fully lashes. Safe for all skin types. Works on strips, clusters and individual lashes.


Clients can use this product for up to three months without refrigeration. Client's can travel with this product without the extra maintenance.


All natural, Non-Toxic, Talc Free, Silicone Free, Paraben Free, Eco-friendly,Cruelty Free,


Vegan Lash Cleanser with Wand

  • We understand that accidents happen in transit. At times, the product may have been damaged causing the lash cleanser to spill. Should their be an issue with your product, please send an email to Someone will get back to you withing 2-8 hours. If we find that the item is damaged, the item may be replaced or a refund will be inacted.