our fab story

Simple put, Dr. Lashes HI is a more than a lash and esthetics studio, it’s a lifestyle, a warm experience paired with esthetics expertise.

When developing this company almost four years Dr. Lashes was a mobile company that provided a in-home therapy. Lash extensions is about esthetics. It’s a close and intimate service that is done with intricate detail.

At Dr. Lashes we build with our clients. Our clients immediately relax and they get to know you and vice versa. At times personal details are shared; moments of realness, a sisterhood; a bond is shared. And like many skincare professionals, as we provide our lash enhancement, we analyze your skin and provide suggestions to enhance your beauty. I began to provide more than a service to my clients as I created skincare regimes and developed products that would lead to a healthier lifestyle-both in and out. That’s where I was dubbed the “The Doctor of Lashes”.

It is our mission to continue to provide the same meaningful connections that I captured four years ago when this journey began. For the people who welcomed and trusted me to come into their home, their sanctuary, made me feel like the family. Moreso, like their family doctor. Treating me with kindness and respect. May each and every one of you who come through our doors, become our family too.